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    SEO services

    Search engine optimization mainly involves improving the ranking of your website in search engines to boost business. There are different types of techniques followed in the SEO process that bring more traffic to your website. Some of them include on page optimization, off page optimization, e mail marketing, internet marketing, Social media optimization, mobile optimization and social media marketing which enhances your online business. With SEO, you can get high conversion rates in your business to improve sales. At SEO Freelancer in Chennai, we implement white hat techniques with expert teams to overcome challenges from your competitors. Moreover, our packages are an affordable one that gives ways for standing out from the crowd in the markets to reach next levels. Me

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media platforms such as Face book, Google +, and Twitter today play a key role in establishing your brand reputation among visitors. The social media marketing is an ideal one for your business to track potential customers easily to achieve best results. In fact, it provides excellent opportunities to get more exposure in the markets. Chennai Freelancer SEO services offer social media marketing with innovative approaches to target your audience. Our primary goal is to create brand awareness with unique ideas that enable you to experience desired outcomes. We suggest the right strategies for improving relationships with your customers. Moreover, they show ways for enhancing the rankings in the search engines to build your business. Me

    PPC marketing services

    Pay per click shortly known as PPC is a paid advertising that allows you to display your website on SERP with specified keywords in the search engines. It works well for your inbound marketing that helps in maximizing rate of investments. Apart from that, you can grab the attention of your visitors for growing business in the markets. Chennai SEO services will assist you to set up your PPC campaigns with the latest objectives that pave ways for meeting exact requirements in the optimization process. Furthermore, it is possible to expand your online visibility with our services which help to reduce competition levels. Me

    Online Reputation Management

    Online reputation management is a must one for promoting your brand with positive comments. It plays a key role in increasing sales to grow business in the markets. Chennai SEO Freelancer services know how to establish your brand with unwanted content for attaining top positions in the search results. We take great responsibility to make better impressions on your customers for maintaining high standards. In other words, we will take your business to next levels for generating more revenues. Our firm provides guidelines for carrying out promotional campaigns with current strategies to meet exact requirements in ORM process. Me

    Results Expected:

    Google is updating its algorithm over 500 times in years, So be up-to-date with the algorithm and update regularly to overcome drop-out. Follow certain strategies which are important always, which is as follows, to maintain your website at the top Search.

    Technical SEO:

    Be strong in your Technical aspects of SEO. Don’t be panic about the word Technical, this is the regular update of the website which is mandatory. This is the process of making Search Engine to read and analyze your website content easily. If you are using any CMS for the small website then this will not be a rocket science, but rather for a big and trending business website hire some Professional experts, paid tools to make your technical SEO strong. The main areas of Technical SEO are Crawl, Index, Responsiveness, website loading speed, website design, and structure.

    The content of the website:

    As everyone knows “Content is the King”. Content is the most important thing but sadly it is less concentrated. Don’t repeat this mistake again, create a great, unique and fresh content because the content is the major key to turn your visitors into sales. Do a deep analysis of what kind of content is highly hoping the audience in your niche and try to produce such interesting content. Include keywords with apt density, use some images, and videos to engage your audience on the webpage. This is the best way of marketing your product or services.

    On-Page SEO:

    On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing your webpage to make it clear to web crawlers and visitors. On-Page SEO is one of the main aspects of SEO to be taken care of. The key areas in On-Page are Keywords, Title, Description, URL, Headers, Call-to-action, etc. User Experience should be the important criteria here, make regular updates with navigation, search bars which improves UX. Optimize your Site as the customer perspective, so you could easily find flaws in web pages and rectify it.

    URL Structure Optimization

    Website's URL Structure as to be simple and SEO friendly, URL with specific keywords will be easier for the users and spiders crawl your easily to rank your site for targeted keywords. Me

    Site structure and Layout Optimization

    Site Structure is the core element for user experience and ranking. Alignment of the WebPages, navigations, page layout structure should be easy for users. Me

    Title Tags and Description Optimization:

    Title and Description is the place where users are attracted to your website. Targeted Keywords, catchy words should be used to help bots and users to find your site. Me

    Anchor Tag Optimization:

    Anchor tag or hyper linking is the best practice in SEO, Using relevant keywords for interlinking helps your website to rank higher. Me


    It is the process of picking up the correct URL among related URLs. This helps to control duplication of the pages in browsers it plays a important role in On page SEO. Me

    Image and Alt tags

    Optimizing Image and Alt Tags is the important element in SEO for Image results. This helps screen reading tools to explain about the image and allows engine to show the relevant results. Me

    Open Graph Tags

    This tags is used in optimizing the sharing to social media purpose. This will not directly affect SEO but Social media sharing will be best while using Open Graph tags Me

    Heading Tags Optimization

    Header Tags is the elements which are mainly analyzed for the ranking purpose, use main keywords in the h1 tags, optimize other headers tags to differentiate heading and sub-headings. Me

    Mobile Friendly Checkup

    Mobile friendly is the important criteria checked by the bots to show in the top results. More number of users are from mobiles, so your website should be checked up for mobile friendly. Me

    Responsive Analysis

    Responsiveness is viewing your website best in any kind of devices, this makes all the users to visit your website. Improves Performance, reduce bounce rate and increase conversions. Me

    301,302 Redirection Checkup

    A redirects sends users and search engines to the different URL is requested for the better use. Making this redirection process accurately will improve the site performance. Me

    404 Error Check Up

    4040 error is thrown when the page is missing, SEO specialists will check up the site and redirects the error page to the appropriate page using 301, 302 redirection Me

    Site Loading Speed Check Up

    Site Loading Speed is the important factor to rank site at the top in search results. Page Loading time must be lower to increase ranking, reduces the bonus rate. Me

    Google Analytics and Webmaster Integration

    Integrating Google Analytics, webmaster tools to tract your site performance, data to analyze, user flow and other perspective. Track errors reports in the website. Me

    Schema.Org Implementation

    Schema.Org is the extensive schemas, which is useful in the local searches. This is a form of micro data which shows the extended description in the search results. Me

    Off-Page SEO:

    In the long run, We are stopping at the one stop which is called Link Building. Linking to other high PR sites to your site. Connections are as yet an essential segment to creating best Organic rankings, but it is the hard part if the SEO.The best part is that we only require high-quality links pointing to your website. So follow some strategies to do Off-Page SEO, Quantity and Quality both are important here. Get a Natural link to your website from high pr blogs, article, same niche sites etc. This sort of Organic, high-quality backlinks is the backbone of the website. Always create something which will create a value to your website and follow that regularly for good results.

    Directory Listing

    Directory Listing is a web server function which is to display complete index of the resources. This is the off page technique used to create index required pages. Me

    Social Bookmarking

    Social bookmarking is a off page technique which is used to share websites to the other bookmarking sites to create more back links. It is important to be careful in posting to the high PR sites. Me

    Blog Creation and Posting

    Blog is the important stuff for a website, where you can give your users best information according to your niche. Talented Digital marketer can maintain the blog post regularly to improve site performance. Me

    Article Submission

    Writing articles according to your niche and posting it to the other high PR article submission site. This way is used for branding, back link, popularity among users of same circle which increase conversions. Me

    Blog Submission

    There are two types, one is sharing your blog link to the other sites, the other is to post blogs in similar sites. This improves ranking, views, branding and link building. Me

    PDF File Creation and Submission

    PDF File is one of the OFF page SEO technique which increases more visibility to the site, rank higher in search results. PDF creation is more easy, common technique. Me

    Press Release Distribution

    Our press release services will reach your press release to high authority new sites. SEO related press release should be written and release for more reach. Me

    Business Listing

    Kickstart your local search strategy by using Business listing effieciently. This techinque reach more audience and conversions in local market. Me

    Document sharing

    Document Sharing in SEO is the type of process which can improve traffic to the website, ranking higher in google. Create a documents and share maximum high PR sites to reach more. Me


    Get more organic traffic by simply optimising your infographics. Its still one of the more effective method fo backlink creation with the visual content. Me

    Image Submission

    Submiting best images related to your business to more image sharing sites, this increase the backlink. This is best way to boost your website's SEO. Me

    Post Q and A

    Post Questions or answer a question in the social forums, Q and A sites with linking targeted keywords to move traffic to you web page or videos. One of the best off page techinque to reach audience. Me

    Search engine submission

    It is the source of free search engine submission maually for links along with targeted keywords. This is the method of getting the site indexed as soon as possible Me

    Ping submission

    This is also to index URL faster. Submit your links to the high PR ping submission to rank higher in search results and increase traffic Me

    Article bookmarking

    Bookmarking is the process of sharing links to other sites, same like that submitting your article links to other sites that increase views to articles. Me

    Blog bookmarking

    Blog bookmarking increase views to the blogs you submitted, simply post the links to the high PR bookmarking sites with the targeted keywords.
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